Director's Cut (2018)


Welcome to the worst film never made. Thankfully, there’s only one scene left to shoot.

The fire has been contained, the wigs have been sterilised, and the star has been replaced after The Accident. Surely, nothing else can be waiting in the dark…

Award-winning comedy captains Kill the Beast return with their brand new show:

Noises Off meets The Exorcist, Carrie meets Singin’ In The Rain. Combining live-film, original music, more wigs than ever before and a problematic monkey, Director’s Cut is a fast-paced, utterly silly and spine tingling adventure of haunted Hollywood hilarity.


Writer: Kill the Beast

Performers: David Cumming, Natasha Hodgson, Ollie Jones, Zoe Roberts

Director & Designer: Clem Garritty

Music: David Cumming

Lyrics: Kill the Beast

Song Production: Felix Hagan

Production Manager: Adam Eastwood

Lighting Designer: Sherry Coenen

Video Designer: Alex Purcell

Sound Designer: David Cumming

Costume Designer: Emma Tompkins

Set Construction: Johnson Bespoke

Scenic Painter: Giorgia Joseph

Props: Bryan Woltjen