The Boy Who Kicked Pigs (2012)


13-year-old Robert Caligari is a nasty piece of work. But today is the day he gets his comeuppance. Today is the day he’s going to die.

Kill the Beast are proud to present The Boy Who Kicked Pigs - their 5* adaptation of the darkly comic story by Dr Who’s Tom Baker.

Featuring projections, original music and over eight hats, it’s a gloriously grisly tale of one scoundrel's fatal attempt at infamy.


Inventive, clever, gruesome and hilarious ★★★★★
— Whatsonstage


Writer: Kill the Beast

Performers: David Cumming, Natasha Hodgson, Ollie Jones, Zoe Roberts

Director & Designer: Clem Garritty

Lighting Designer: Elliot Griggs

Model Box Design: Clem Garritty & Bryan Woltjen

Costume Design: Nina Scott & Rachel Schofield Owen

Music: Ben Osborn